Shortly after earning her Super Comp License from Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing school, Sarah purchased her own dragster that would be eligible to compete in the Super Comp, Top Dragster & Super Pro classes. Sarah transformed her monochromatic dragster to a shiny Royal Red backdrop with black and gold stripes to resemble a bumblebee. At that moment Sarah knew moving forward that she was going to treat this experience as professional as possible.

Queen Bee Racing was officially established in 2011. Sarah expresses “That even though, we were by no means a “professional” team or on the “professional circuit” – I still wanted to approach it with a sense of professionalism, whether that be in the way we dressed or performed from the pits to the starting line or at a car show”. Sarah was also assured that her car needed to have its own identity. “I knew from the beginning I wanted my car to have an identity, a name that would make its own statement and have its own character.” Sarah bracket raced the Queen Bee dragster for four years in the Top Dragster & Super Pro classes. Constant learning lead to the growth of Queen Bee Racing both on and off the track. Queen Bee racing has been featured in many publications, which Sarah credits her success to her hard work behind the scenes, her push of Social media and growing success with driving the dragster.

How did one come up with Queen Bee you may ask? Well Sarah simply thought back to the fact that she was always the only girl in her group of friends and her parents have called her Sarah Bee from the day one so Queen Bee sounded fitting; not to mention a large part of her inspiration in the drag racing world came from, the Queen of Diamonds Jet Dragster.


Hanna Motorsports has been a staple of the drag racing world for over 50 years. Al & Ellen Hanna along with their two sons, Scott & Rich – have set the standards when it comes to racing Jets. A pioneer and leader in the Jet World, Al Hanna first debuted the Queen of Diamonds Jet Dragster in 1998. Since that time the Queen of Diamonds has had four successful young females piloting this 300MPH machine down the quarter mile; Jessica Willard, Aggie Hendricks, Jessie Harris and Jill Canuso. In 2013 Al’s bar napkin sketch dream came to life when they built and debuted a new revolutionary side-driver jet dragster, the Queen of Diamonds II. Jill Canuso transitioned from the QOD to the new Queen of Diamonds II and piloted this one of a kind car until she resigned. Sarah Edwards came to Hanna Motorsports at 23 years old in 2015 by way of Hanna Motorsports Jet Funny car driver of 15 years, Ken Hall. Sarah is the 5th Queen for Hanna Motorsports family. Debuting in early spring of 2016, Sarah’s rookie season was successful as she won 90% of her matches. Hanna Motorsports continues to evolve as a team focused on safety and success.