If you were looking for a place to cool off on Wednesday Night July 19th – Raceway Park would not have been the best recommendation, BUT if you were looking for some additional heat – Raceway Park was the place to be! The 42nd Annual P.C Richards and Son’s Night of Thrills is always a very special event for me to be a part of because that is the event my parents brought me to at 12 years old for the first time. Every year it holds up to its yearly awaited anticipation; beautiful weather, big crowds and two great match races. This year I was fortunate to have friends from home come out and experience their first Jet Race! Ernie Bogue driver of the Beast from the East and I blasted through the tunnel of fire first round with the QOD turning on the Win light at 294 MPH in 5.39 Seconds. The final match up for the night was one of the closest and most exciting jet races I have been in to date; it was a side by side race to finish line the whole way down. The QOD was slightly quicker off the line, but the Beast crossed the finish line first. The Beast was .061 on the tree crossing the quarter mile at 5.381 292MPH to the Queen’s .059 reaction time – 5.396 at 295 MPH.

That leaves us one & one till we face off again this upcoming weekend at
Lebanon Valley Dragway in NY Friday Night (8/4) and at
New England Dragway in NH (8/5).


National Trail Raceway hosted their 2nd annual Super Chevy Show this past weekend. The Queen of Diamonds made two single passes down the quarter mile for all those Chevy fans. After a solid first run of the day at 294 MPH Sarah not only hauled down the track at 295 MPH in 5.35 seconds but she also cut a killer light with a .003 reaction time! The fans were loving it and when she got back to the trailer she had a line of fans waiting to meet her.

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