Two things happen when you race a New England Dragway:

1. You get to visit with the original Queen of Diamonds, Jessica Willard (Stodulski)
2. You know you are going to quick and fast!

New England Dragway was the first track and the only track I have put 300 on the board. The first and last time I have done that was when I was finishing up my licensing passes in April of 2016 at NE Dragway. Saturday September 9th we did it again. The track was home to the Menard Chevy Show that weekend and I was racing Ernie Bouge, the Beast from the East first round on Saturday when I hit my all-time personal best of 301.00 MPH in 5.26 seconds! We went on to win all 3 of matches that weekend; 301, 299 & 299 MPH some of the best speeds of the season. Personally, I think it all had to do with Big Al taking off his shoes each run and staging me in socks. 😉
New England Dragway is a home track for Jessica Willard Stodulski. Jessica was the first Queen for Hanna Motorsports – she blazed down the quarter mile from 1998 to 2002. Setting the bar high for the next Queen to take on her thrown. Since then, Jessica has gotten married and has two adorable girls, Emelia & Emma. As a family, they still hit the drags strip on the weekends and generally attend the events at NE Dragway when the Jets are featured. Jessica has been racing in the top dragster classes for years now and that Saturday she was running Super Eliminator; it was one of my favorite parts of the day to run up to the starting line and watch her turn on the win lights. I have a feeling the track will be home for a while as her girls have ambitions to be drag racers just like their mom. Emelia & Emma visited with us and you can see the excitement in their eyes!
PS.. yes, we took home another event sign…


This day gets bigger, shinny-er and louder every year and I love it more and more. Raceway Park is home to the US Diesel Truckin’ Nationals AKA the biggest truck race of the season! For September, race day was a hot one filled with humidity leading us to think hitting 300 seemed a little far fetched… That was until we went out for our first run of the night and what do you know a win light at 300MPH through the tunnel of fire! Quick turnaround and we were right back out there, Sarah in the right lane – Ernie in the left.  You can see below just what was laid down . . 


They day went on with lots of friends and family making the trip out to the track – I even got to see my fellow bracket racers. Not to mention the 20,000+ fans that filled the pits and stands! Its always good to be at Raceway Park. This was the last race of the season for all three of Hanna Motorsports drivers to be together. Saturday September 23rd I will be running the Super Charger Shakedown at Maryland International Raceway followed by my final race of the season at Union County Dragway in South Carolina, October 7th.