MATCH RACING  you win some, you lose some

Night of Thunder at National Trail Raceway kicked off with the pre-race ceremonies. Scotty Heat, driver of the .50 Cal Jet Dragster and I paraded down the side of the track waving to all the fans in a beautiful Camaro convertible! After kicking off the evening we hurried back to the staging lanes, suited up and met again on the starting line. I took the win round #1 at 291 MPH. Round two, Scotty Heat took the win over me as he crossed the finish line at 300MPH. Click the link below to see Newark, OH’s write up on the event and their video!

Next stop! Maryland International Raceway for JET WARS! The Queen of Diamonds faced Al Z’s Hot Blade Jet Dragster for the first time ever. The hot day rolled on and sooner than later it was race time. I took myself out round one with a red light, however I redeemed myself round 2 and 3 turning on the win light both times. For the final, this Queen charged down the ¼ mile at 297 MPH at 5.34. seconds; just shy of the pledged 300 MPH. With the humidity that lingered through the wee hours of the morning – yes, we raced our last round well after midnight, you could say we were ecstatic to put those numbers on the board. Late in the evening we had four gentlemen come over to look at the car, this was their first time at a drag strip! All the way from GERMANY, (who would have thought!) once their wives allowed them to head out they landed at MIR and at our pit, I think it was safe to say they were in utter amazement of what they got to experience.


Quick turnaround time this week as we get ready to head to Raceway Park in New Jersey on Wednesday Night (July 19th) for their 42nd Annual P.C. Richard & Sons Night of Thrills! This event is where it all started for me, so it is always exciting to have the honor of attending this event as the driver of The Queen of Diamonds. If you are in the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/CT) this is as close to home as it gets so call out of work – do what you have to do to come hang with all of Hanna Motorsports this Wednesday Night and see me take on the Beast from the East!