When we would attend a Thrill Show, the only racers that would let me get close to their race car were the guys running the Top Fuel Bikes. And each year we attended, I sat on a top fuel bike & I had my picture taken. Even at 25 years old, I still love to throw a leg over and imagine what it must feel like to take one of these machines down the quarter mile. Will I ever have a desire to go for it, absolutely not! These guys are NUTS! But I am happy to stick with tradition and have my picture taken. Cheese!

The whole weekend we were faced with that 4 letter word all racers hate to hear. RAIN! After some passing liquid sunshine Friday night – we still manage to make our two runs, celebrate Big Al’s birthday and get to visit with our Stamford (CT) friends and family at Lebanon Dragway in NY. I took the on the Beast from the East to see what we could do about our one to one standing from our previous meet. First match I took the win while Ernie experienced some difficulties leaving the starting line. The second match up of the night was a great drag race to the finish line, I turned on the win light at 5.35 / 295MPH to Ernie’s  5.38 / 293MPH.

Satruday, like nomads we continued to migrate north. Epping New Hampshire is home to New England Dragway and Jet Cars Under the Stars. Unfortunately, that four letter word from Friday continued to haunt us. After a few rain storms, which especially in the morning seemed like monsoons… we got to a point in the day where the track was dry and ready for race cars! During the down time, I walked with my teammate Ken down the drag strip – pretending we were on FS1/NHRA segment, Walk 1,000 Feet with Amanda Busick! If you tune in regularly you will understand when I say we still have to work on our dance ;)

Pre race ceremonies took place on the starting line and then it was time to race. Sitting in the staging lanes, strapped down as if I was traveling to the moon – I could see lightening in the distance and droplets on my canopy. We pulled to the starting line, fired it up and down the track we went. Ernie was in the left lane and I was in the right, turning on the win light for the third and final time this weekend. 5.33 / 298MPH!

We made it back to the trailer just in time for the skies to really open up, the down pour came and that put an end to any future runs down the track for the night. The Hanna Motorsports team hosted an autograph signing at our trailer and it was a great way to thank everyone who came out despite what the forecast was!


Angelica Salem will be kicking off the show by singing the
National Anthem as well as the Canadian Anthem.
We are excited to take this road trip together and continue to live our our dreams on one of the biggest stages, Summit Motorsports Park!

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