300 & BEYOND!

There is no doubt that this past weekend ended our 2017 season on a high. Maryland International Raceway held their annual Super Charger Shakedown event with pro mods and the jets. Robert Albertson, driver of the Blazing Angel Jet Dragster was who I had to take on and battle it out down the ¼ mile. First pass out of the gate I blazed down the track at 300MPH & took the win. Second match up was a close one, but the Queen still walked away with the win at 299MPH.

But let’s talk about the last run of the night, of the season. So, there was an offer on the table by the track owner: whichever car hit 300 received bonus money. We hit it on the first shot, so of course I had to ask if the bonus money was per each time we go 300… Also, I won in Jet Wars July, but there was no trophy given out like the previous year… how lame right?! So I made sure to remind him, I want that Trophy! The agreement we reached was original bonus money, plus my trophy if we hit 300 again.

Last pass of the night, the car was sweating from the humidity that went up and into over drive. Fire show complete, smoke check complete, burner pops – complete. Time to stage and I was stopped. Unfortunately, Albertson had a technical issue and couldn’t make the run. Big Al & officials were informing me it was a solo run. OK, no problem. Pre-stage, stage. wait for it, wait for it. It was the longest hold ever; the tree wasn’t activating, and I refused to leave beforehand. Finally, it counted down and blast off. I knew I was on the run of the year when I pulled me feet off the brakes at the line and physically could not put them back down! That was an incredible sensation to feel the force take over like that. Flying by the timing blocks till I reached the quarter mile and with a full force yank, the engine was cut off the chutes were out. I clearly won… but had no knowledge of my official time or speed. All I knew was I was on a killer run and it felt awesome. We hit 301 @ 5.26 ! First two runs ever at MIR for me at 300+ MPH! The bonus was earned and even more important Royce was waiting in my pit when I got back with my trophy.

It was a fantastic farewell to the 2017 season.


2017 STATS

JULY 2ND –  Eddyville Raceway: Set the Track Record for the 1/8th mile for Jets 3.64 @ 219MPH
JULY 15TH – Maryland International Raceway: Won 2017 “Jet Wars”
AUGUST 27TH: Keystone Raceway Park: .000 Reaction Time
SEPTEMBER 9TH – New England Dragway: Quickest Pass ever: 5.26
SEPTEMBER 16TH – Raceway Park: Fastest Pass Ever: 301.74