Stamford, CT. (March 14, 2019): The former Hanna Motorsports’ Queens of Diamonds II Jet Dragster pilot Sarah Edwards recently went down to North Carolina to film an episode of ToyMakerz. The drag racer went down to NASCAR country to Reidsville, North Carolina to work with David Ankin on the project.

“While I was driving the Queen of Diamonds II Jet Dragster, Ankin proposed an offer to one day build a ToyMakerz car for me” Edwards said. “I was ecstatic to take him up on the offer earlier this year when I went out to Reidsville, North Carolina to his shop.”

Edwards will join ToyMakerz on episode 6 on April 14th. The TV show will initially air at 9 am EST on the History Channel.

The episode will also re-air on April 20th on FYI at 10 pm EST. It is a one-hour episode.

Through both networks, Edwards is going to be put in front of 157 million homes by being on the show.

“It was incredible to be at David’s shop,” Edwards said. “He not only designs, but also builds these one-of-a-kind toys. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see the final reveal,  he exceeded my expectations. Tune in on April 14th to see the unveiling of David’s creation.”

ToyMakerz is a fabrication shop in Reidsville, North Carolina. Ankin and his team make exotic vehicles for people, who like exotic and rare creations.

As the company says, Toymakerz is all about the kid that never grew up – whether it’s for the garage, the street, or the track, there’s no toy we can’t build.

“Sarah is incredible on a lot of levels,” ToyMakerz Inc.’s CEO David Ankin said. “Sarah is one of those girls, who has been over 300 mph. She is a little different than most, in the way that she carries herself and she is soft-spoken. She’s passionate about the sport, and that’s hard to find in our world.”

Edwards is one of three celebrities on Season 3 of ToyMakerz. The owner of Sarah Edwards Racingjoins “The King” Richard Petty, who appeared in the first episode of the season. Dean Cain, who played Superman, will also be on Season 3.

“When the opportunity came up to do something with somebody unique on my show, I picked Sarah Edwards. It came down to the type of person she is, she carries herself well and she is humble. She’s a very nice person. She’s not egotistical; she is a good-hearted, passionate person about what she does. She believes in what she does. She’s a good person in the drag racing world. It’s hard to find a someone her age — male or female — who is passionate about what they do.  Sarah is very passionate about what she does. She’s good at what she does and is a great spokeswoman for the sport and being a gearhead.”

About Sarah Edwards Racing:
For nearly a decade Sarah Edwards has been apart of the NHRA drag racing scene. Sarah began bracket racing with her family in the sportsman ranks prior to professionally driving  Al Hanna’s Iconic Queen of Diamonds II 300 MPH Jet Dragster;  fulfilling a lifelong dream.  Sarah has numerous track records, earned the Jet Wars title for three consecutive years and was featured on Drag Illustrated’s 30 Under 30 list.  Sarah’s passion for Drag Racing radiates both on and off the quarter mile. To learn more about Sarah Edwards Racing visit