It all started for Sarah Edwards when she was only 12 years old. Together as a family Sarah traveled with her mom and dad to Raceway Park in NJ after her father had heard a radio ad for their annual Night of Thrills event. This was Sarah’s first time at a drag strip and when she left the track, she left wanting to go drag racing. That night Sarah saw Hanna Motorsports Queen of Diamonds blaze down the quarter mile at 300 MPH and when she met the face beneath the helmet she was an even bigger fan. A young blonde was the driver and her name was Jessie Harris.

Raceway Park’s Night of Thrills became an annual family fun night for the Edwards’ family; sooner than later NHRA National Events were also added to the family fun outings. It wasn’t long until Sarah developed the desire to want to drive and being a spectator got old.

After graduating Highschool in June of 2010 Sarah attended Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School where she earned her Super Comp license in July of 2010. The following year the Edwards’ family purchased a dragster that could be run as Super Comp as well as Top Dragster. About a year’s time had gone by since Sarah’s last licensing pass and her first hit in her own car. Sarah established Queen Bee Racing in 2011 and supported by her team (Mom – Lisa, Dad – Scott and boyfriend Stephen) they ventured out to Atco Dragway in NJ. Atco was a track that became home for the next four years. The Edwards’ were not your typical racing family – they did not raise Sarah at the race track nor have they been fully involved in the sport the way they were finding themselves in 2011; so, with that said every trip to the track was a learning experience for everyone involved. The intentions of driving super comp were there however, they were never executed. For two years Sarah ran her Queen Bee 565 cubic inch Big Block Chevy dragster in the top dragster races, covering the quarter mile in 7.5 seconds at 180MPH. In 2013 Sarah bumped up one notch to earn her Advanced E.T License, she still competed regularly at Atco and continued to grow as a driver. From the fellow racers to the Atco staff Sarah was surrounded every weekend by people who genuinely cared and wanted to see her succeed. In late October Sarah advanced to the semi-finals and the quarter-finals, running two races at the same time. This kid was getting the hang of bracket racing!

Fast forward two weeks into the “off season” of 2015 Sarah received a message from Al Hanna, the owner of Hanna Motorsports Queen of Diamonds. Al was in search of a new driver for his QOD II and Sarah’s name had been recommended to him. It wasn’t long after the Hanna & Edwards’ initial meeting that Sarah was hired as the new Queen. Landing an absolute dream job was surreal. Sarah will now be driving the very car she saw when she was 12 years old at the race track, it was coming full circle. As far as the Hanna’s they had no prior knowledge about Sarah’s aspirations to drive their one of a kind machine, let alone aware that this was the reason she fell in love with drag racing. At the tender age of 24, 2016 proved to be a successful rookie season for Sarah and the Hanna Motorsports team. Sarah signed a contract with the team she once only dreamt about and earned her NHRA Jet License. From only traveling to Atco Dragway once a month, this has opened Sarah’s world up to traveling the country from state to state each weekend; not only with the Hanna Family but also still in good company with her supportive family. Sarah won just about 90% of her 300MPH match races as well as earning a spot on Drag Illustrated’s famous 30 Under 30 list in 2016.

If going 300 MPH doesn’t keep you busy enough, there is more! Sarah goes drag racing on the weekends but during the week she is found working in an office for a construction company. Sarah received her associates degree from Norwalk Community College in May of 2013 in Interior Design and has worked hand in hand with Jody Deluca Designs. Off the track Sarah is passionate with keeping up with her fans so it is only fitting that she handles all of the social media for Queen Bee Racing, Queen of Diamonds II & Hanna Motorpsorts.