Over a decade of time has passed since Sarah was brought to the race track for the first time.
As a little girl, she knew she wanted to become a professional race car driver and the ultimate dream would be to get the opportunity to drive Hanna Motorsports Queen of Diamonds II Jet Dragster. Sarah’s dreams have come full circle when she landed her dream job at the end of 2015.
Today, Sarah is proudly recognized as America’s Sweetheart by Summit Motorsports Park’s track owner Bill Bader.


“When I was twelve, my parents took me to my first drag race event called the Night of Thrills at Raceway Park in NJ. There, I saw Jessie Harris go over 300 MPH in the Queen of Diamonds Jet Dragster. That was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen. I remember what that was like for me, so now I want to give back to kids of today –  I want them to see and feel what I did.”